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Global companies plan to invest in VR/AR over the next 12 months and integrated use artificial intelligence.

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CEOs define immersive technologies in combination with artificial intelligence as the leading technology of their company.

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The focus is on business goals, time-to-market, know-how and cultural activities


The “XR Growth Accelerator”
Transform your Organization...

Based on a shared understanding of your challenges and goals, I quickly develop solution approaches based on my experience and ideas and develop goal-oriented, product-independent solutions with you.

We use the latest technologies together and optimize learning and work processes using immersive technologies in combination with AI solutions. Customer and employee needs are at the center of our considerations.

Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) und Mixed Reality (MR) / Spatial Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI/KI)


for you...Are You Ready To Embrace The Future

“Immersive transformation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.”

Torsten Fell, XR Growth Accelerator

XR Growth AcceleratorThe “XR Growth Accelerator” supports you in achieving your goals and develops with you the way to efficiently integrate XR/AI holistically and scalably into the organization.

Connecting People with Possibilities

Opportunities and possibilities focused on organizational growth.

Network of Experts

Network of Solution-Providers, Universities, Hardware-Manufacturers and other Experts.

Generate new Business Models

Supporting you and the organization to generate new business opportunities.


People at the center – design learning and work processes with a human-centered approach.

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Mixed Reality